Kegga Krabs KK40 - Bloodworm

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The worlds first walking and free standing 2" Soft Plastic Crab!

Kegga Krabs KK40 are the most versatile Soft Plastic Crab lure on the Australian Market! 

They are built from 10X Super Tough, 10X Super Durable and 10X Super Stretchy TPR Material making them highly resistant to predatory species. The are naturally buoyant imitating a crab with their floating claws. Their unique torpedo shaped body makes them aerodynamic when casting and are also great for power skipping casts across the surface. They feature 8 super dangly legs, two paddle tail feelers and two large throbbing claws. Kegga Krabs KK40 are also impregnated with Kegga Krab Scent built into the plastic.

They are designed to be slow rolled across the bottom like a crankbait, down deep on a traditional jig head, up high in tight against structure and even on surface! The Kegga Krab can do it all!


The Worlds first walking and free standing Soft Plastic Crab!

KEGGA Krabs KK40 are made from 10X Super Strong, Super Durable and Super Stretch TPR Material. It is naturally buoyant with two large floating claws, 2 paddle tail feelers and 8 dangly legs! The KK40 solid torpedo body allows this lure to skips a mile across the surface. KEGGA Krabs KK40 are impregnated with our 10X Krab Scent and look and feel great! This lure is the most versatile crab lure on the market and can be used for topwater fishing, structure fishing or down deep where its dangly legs will come into their own!



  • Qty: 4pcs per pack
  • Colour: As Pictured
  •  Dimensions - 40mm x 40mm total length
  • 10X Super Strong, Tough & Stretch
  • TPR Material
  • Impregnated with 10 Krab Scent
  • Naturally Buoyant with Floating Claws

Target Species:

  • Bream, Bass, Whiting, Trevally, Flathead, Yellowbelly, Cod


  • Qty: 4 Krabs Per Pack
  • Length: 40mm x 40mm
  • Weight: 2.7g
  • 10X Strong
  • 10X Durable
  • 10X Super Stretch TPR material
  • Superior Casting
  • Natural Buoyant with Floating Claws
  • Impregnated with our 10X Kegga Krab Scent